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Top Tips for choosing your first Sex Toy


Choosing your first Sex Toy Toy can be daunting and confusing, we have all been there. There are so many options available to you. Sex Toys may vary in shape, size, and material, but they all have one goal, which is to enhance your sex life and give it an edge. In this post, we have pulled together some helpful tips on how to choose your first a Sex Toy.

Who are you buying for?

With her pleasure in mind

sex toys for women

If you want the focus to be on you there are a few things to consider. Which part of your body you want to focus on? Many women like clitoral stimulation. If that’s the case a clitoral vibrator or a bullet vibrator might be the thing you’re looking for. However, if you are a vaginal orgasms kind of girl, there are an insane number of dildos and vibrators available.

Choosing the right vibrator can be challenging but it is definitely worth your while. Consider all of these and choose your weapon wisely.

With his pleasure in mind

sex toys for men

Choosing a Sex Toy for him can be a little more tricky. It is extremely important to know his limits and discuss the options with him in advance. While some men are open-minded about sexual exploration, for example enjoying a great prostate massage, some will do anything and everything to avoid it.

Male masturbators and even TENGA toys are great, especially if you think he’ll appreciate something new and exciting to give him an erection.

Pleasure for both of you

Sex Toys for Couples

If you are looking for toys to use as a couple, The Ladyloving Team highly recommends trying a cock ring. These can make erections last longer and become harder. Plus, they can help boost your man's ego by making him both look and feel bigger. You can even buy vibrating cock rings!!! These are certainly an experience for both you.

If you are looking to buy for a couple, going the kinky root is another great way. Feather ticklers and blindfolds are easy, cheap and a perfect way to kickstart your “something a bit kinky” lifestyle.


When it comes to choosing a Sex Toy, it is really easy to go overboard. After deciding on the specific type of Sex Toy, you may want to then consider the material it is made of.

We have outlined some of the most common materials below that are good for first timers or those with less experience.


Silicone Sex Toys are great for beginners. They are easy to clean and sterilise and they will endure pretty much every position. If you get a good quality silicone Sex Toy, it will last a lifetime.


Metallic Sex Toys have both pros and cons, but it is mostly about preference. Some people like the firm pushes and heavy stimulation and Metal Sex Toys are perfect for heavy-duty stimulation since they are usually made from stainless steel. They are extremely durable, yet easy to look after and clean.


In the 21st century, the environmental damages and health issues caused by plastics are common knowledge. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a well crafted Plastic Sex Toy. There are many health-friendly and environmentally-friendly Plastic Sex Toys you can buy.

The main benefit lies in the texture. Because it is a such a soft and smooth material, it can give you a really good strong vibration but feels like velvet at the same time. They are also easy to clean and maintain as with Metallic Toys.

Now when it comes to plastics there are few options: 

ABS: ABS is what can be called “a quality plastic”. You can use ABS Plastic Sex toys at temperatures as low as -20 degrees and as high as 80 degrees. (This does mean that you should not boil them to clean them).

TPR: TPR is formed by combining plastic and rubber. Depending on the ratio of rubber and plastic these Toys can be very hard or very soft, almost jelly-like. They are perfect if you want a really soft touch from your new friend. That being said, due to their structure they are very sensitive to heat which could be hard to maintain for beginners.

PVC: If a Sex Toy looks like a jelly-vodka shot, odds are it’s made from PVC. Some concerns were raised about PVC’s durability as a material and the safety of them. But, if used properly (like most things), due to their very original texture and feel, they will be quite entertaining and very sensual. When buying PVC based material you should keep in mind they do have a short expiration date. After using a PVC Sex Toy for a certain time and consistency you may need to throw it out and buy a new one before it starts breaking down.


Latex Sex Toys are not recommended for beginners. However, if you are past your “twice as nice vibrators phase” latex might just be the next step.

As latex is such a flexible material it, will fit like a custom made shoe and stimulate perfectly. You will need a professional Sex Toy Cleaner for latex products, such as our LELO Antibacterial Toy Cleaner or Loving Joy Toy Cleaner. Also worthy to note is that you shouldn't use them with low-quality condoms as this can reduce the life span.

At the end of the day, latex will definitely be worth your money and effort.

Before you opt for a Latex Sex Toy, please make sure you and your partner are not allergic to latex.


n7184 icicles blue spiral wave glass dildo no8

Glass is an “uptrend” in the adult toy industry. Glass Sex Toys look fantastic and they are probably the easiest material to clean (you just need hot water). The ones you’ll find on Ladyloving.co.uk won’t shatter and can be used with applied heat (for example, soaking in warm water or putting it in an ice bucket). A great experience guaranteed.

Shape and Size

This is pretty self-explanatory. When buying online, don’t forget to check the size (you can find these on the 'Specifications Tab' on the product details page). Take a ruler and see how long/big it will be once it’s in your hands. Eyeball it to your need. Remember that one time, you went to that one store and bought that one dress thinking “I will wear it when I lose weight?”. I bet it's sitting in your closet going out of fashion. Your latest Sex Toy surely deserves a better fate!


Don’t go crazy over buying Sex Toys if you’re just starting out but bare in mind, as with anything the more you spend the more durable and long lasting your new toy will likely be.

Just remember, nothing comes before your health. STDs and other sex-related health problems can get embarrassing and dangerous. Why risk it?

There are many budget-friendly Sex Toys you can buy but also great starter kits that will be just as much enjoyable. When it comes to Sex Toys it’s always quality over quantity.


Congratulations! Now that you know how to choose your first Sex Toy, safely and responsibly go and pick one, you will not regret it!

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